Ronkal Office & technology ltd
Established 1989

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Who We Are?
Ronkal Office & Technologies Ltd. is the supplier of complete office solutions for various fields of businesses, such as sales, services and industrial organizations.

Enterprise Solutions

Ronkal Ltd. has considerable expertise in bringing enterprise business data to the Internet. Now companies can build a bridge between their internal business applications and their Internet websites, in a secure and reliable manner.

The advantage of Ronkal is in creating open, cost-effective and secure solutions.

Examples of web based applications include:

  • B2B applications.,
  • Integration with ERP systems (Magic, NewDeal, etc.)
  • Mobile information systems (WAP sites).

Ronkal Ltd. also supplies a line of affordable solutions for online shops, portals, content management systems, online galleries, and other types of web applications.

Office Automation
Ronkal serves small businesses and companies as a Computer Solutions Provider for all their networking, hardware and software needs. Since 1989 Ronkal has dealt with the integration of hardware and software that is based on the latest industry solutions. Ronkal is a recognized dealer for HP, IBM, Dell and Microsoft in Israel.


We provide services for Internet sites, including: hosting, design and software development. We specialize in Virtual Web Hosting which means that you can find a home for your web site on our active web servers and establish a presence on the internet. We help register your own domain name (eg. www.yourname.com) which will become your unique address on the World Wide Web. Having your own domain name does not suggest that you are renting web space, and since e-mail can be addressed to your domain, so you will not have to announce a new address if you change internet providers. We can provide SSL Certificate to enable secure web-based communications for your website.

Software Solutions , Our software offerings include:


The total solution for remote enterprise system management and administration of Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 networks.